Twin Quilts

William's quilt
Joseph's quilt
While my friend Trudy was here in Sweden for a few years, she gave birth to twins. To commemorate this event, she wanted their quilts in the Swedish colors, blue and yellow. She chose the blocks and left the rest of the design up to me. The animal pictures are taken from
The paler pictures are taken outdoors, the yellower ones show the truer colors.

Here are close-ups of the animals.


William's quilt

Cat and crow
cat and crow
Baboon and butterfly
baboon and butterfly
Crocodile and cow
crocodile and cow
Frog and gorilla
tree frog and gorilla
Turtle and rhino
snapping turtle and rhino
Gecko and beetle
gecko and lightning bug
Rabbit and bee
rabbit and honey bee
Whale and dog
whale and dog


Joseph's quilt

Hippo and penguin
hippo and penguin
Horse and rooster
horse and rooster
Elephant and trout
elephant and trout
Bat and fox
bat and fox
Seal and giraffe
seal and giraffe
Kangaroo and snail
kangaroo and snail
Lion and toucan
lion and toucan
Camel and pig
camel and pig
Dolphin and bear
dolphin and bear

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