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Notice the beautiful needlework. It's a little hard to see from the front, so I've taken a picture of the back of the quilt, too. The edge of pink and green squares is made with a special technique called Seminole (after the Indians who created this style.) This is another sampler, this time with uninterrupted sashing.

The names of the blocks, from left top:
Row 1: Flying Geese, Queen's Crown, Flower Basket
Row 2: Contrary Wife, Log Cabin
Row 3: Hovering Hawks, 8-Point Star, Shoo-Fly
Row 4: Monkey Wrench, 9-Patch
Row 5: Greek Cross, Bear Paw, London Stairs

AWC logo
The American Women's Club logo


The American Women's Club of Gothenburg made this quilt as a group project. We wanted to do something for charity. While we were in the process of sewing, one of our members died of cancer, leaving behind a grieving husband and small children. We then decided that the Children's Cancer Fund would be the recipient of our efforts. Here is a picture where some of the board members are presenting the quilt to Eva Gillström from the Swedish Children's Cancer Fund. From left: Lorry, Eva, Kara and Suzi.

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