I made several of these for the Christmas Market at the mall. Some I made from block patterns in a catalogue, some I enlarged from the patterns that were taken from Quiltsville ornament 1.

Cube Lattice potholders

Wreath potholders

More wreath potholders

Even more wreath potholders

Diamond potholders

Star potholders

Star potholders

Star potholders

Birds In The Air Potholders
These three sets of potholders were made from leftover blocks from the Birds in the Air Quilt.

Birds In The Air Potholders

Birds In The Air Potholders

Log Cabin Potholder
Another orphan block becomes a Log Cabin potholder.

Green Christmas Potholders
Top and bottm: Same potholders in green or red.

Red Christmas Potholders

The following five potholders are made from scraps from other projects.

Square In A Square Potholders

Variable Star Potholders4 Corner Potholders

Turquoise PotholdersDomino & Square Potholders

Flaming Potholders

Blue Potholders

Heart Potholders

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