Millenium Quilt

This is a very special quilt. At the turn of the century (sounds like it was 100 years ago, doesn't it?) many quilters used the Internet to get in touch with each other. Through e-mail they agreed to swap packets of 25 different fabrics, along with a signature square--a square with the swapper's name and place of residence, of an agreed size. In order to get 2000 different fabrics I needed to swap with 88 people from all around the world.

I chose to keep each person's "squishie" (so called because of the stuffed envelope received in the mail) by itself and arranged them from the lightest in one corner to the darkest in the opposite corner with the "siggie" in the center. Others made other designs with their acquired swatches. I also chose to make a reversible twin size quilt instead of one extra large.

Millenium Quilt front Millenium Quilt back
Millenium Quilt close-up

Here is a close-up of one of the blocks. Some quilters were extra generous and sent me more than 25 fabric swatches. I simply incorporated them into the block by cutting them into triangles. This particular block was sent to me by Sabine Duwe who lives in Singapore.

The only quilting I have done on this quilt is a small heart machine-embroidered at each corner of each block.

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