I Spy baby quilt

I Spy 1

My oldest daughter ordered this baby quilt many years before she got pregnant and I started collecting these charms a long time ago, trading with friends over the internet and buying what I could find that was suitable.

Here's the little one now.

I Spy 2

Strawberries, fans, firecrackers, American flags, cows, skiers, cacti, crayons, teddy bears, unicorns/stars, clowns, soccer balls

I Spy 3

American flags, cats, pumpkins, Hershey candies, crayons, baseball equipment, ladybugs, stars, soccer balls, Monopoly board, tropical fish, more cows

I Spy 5

Money, shellfish, cherries, a moose in a forest, hearts, yo-yos, computers, fish, hockey players, cupcakes, ladybugs, frogs, airplanes, Russian dolls, bugs, sombreros, smileys, baseball players, candy corn, Easter eggs/chicks

I Spy 4

A moose in a forest, hearts, Australian Olympics, Winnie-the-Pooh figures, hockey players, cupcakes, race horses, roses, Russian dolls, bugs, planets, cottages in the woods, candy corn, Easter eggs/chicks, hot peppers, stones


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Maja's height and weight

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