I Spy baby quilt

Juli's I Spy

It was time for my oldest daughter's third baby and she wanted this one to have an I Spy quilt just like her sister and brother. It took quite a while to gather blocks that were not used in either of the other 2 quilts.

Here's the little one now.

I Spy 1

Pencils, fire trucks, geese, turtles, tomatoes, pocket watches

I Spy 2

Cucumbers, balloons, sea gulls, puzzle pieces, Simpson characters, big cats, guitars, Minnie Mouse

I Spy 3

Bees, musical instruments, fish, ghosts, lipsticks, barbecue paraphenalia

I Spy 4

Spiders & webs, magic wands, bowls of cherries, cats, purses, watermelon, blueberries, monkeys

I Spy 5

Fish, horseshoes, sailboat/lighthouse, chickens, tractors, music, clothes, balls, Hello Kitty, chocolate pralines, butterflies, hazelnuts

I Spy 6

Dogs, jam jars, candy canes, hats, big fish, dinosaurs, pink ribbons, gorillas, kites


Juli's name

Juli's birthday

Juli's height and weight

Juli's height and weight


Finally, I added my label and the year I finished the quilt.

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