I Spy baby quilt

Joel's I Spy

My oldest daughter was having her second baby and wanted this one to have an I Spy quilt just like his sister. Unfortunately when I washed the quilt after it was done, the red color bled into some of the blocks and turned the white parts pink.

Here's the little one now.

I Spy 1

Forest animals, cars, zebras, cows

I Spy 2

Geese/butterflies, American flags, Swedish Three Crowns, cows in corn, Winnie-the-Pooh, Halloween figures

I Spy 3

Medicine, apples, Builder Bob, John Deere tractors

I Spy 4

Frogs, soccer balls, cows/mice, jam jars, butterflies, horses

I Spy 5

Birds/birdhouses, penguins, watering cans, chickens

I Spy 6

Mouse king, polar bears, huts, brown and black bears

I Spy 7

Dog/flower/caterpillar, Christmas ornaments, Snoopy playing soccer, fighter jets

I Spy 8

Hearts, birds, jungle animals, ducks in bathing suits, lingonberries, school supplies

I Spy 9

Chickens/cherries, internet surfing bears, winter clothes, flags/children

I Spy 12

Shells, chickens/eggs

I Spy 11

Tools, stars, American coins

I Spy 10

Candles, boys playing soccer


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Joel's height and weight

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