Jessica's Sampler

Jessica's Sampler

This sampler was ordered extra large. It measures 250 cm by 220 cm, the largest quilt I've made yet. Jessica saw my birthday quilt and ordered one similar. She even liked the same colors, but gave me free rein to choose fabrics and blocks as I wished.

Jessica 1 These are the blocks I chose:
Row 1: Mrs. Taft's Choice, Balkan Puzzle, Patience Corners, Louisiana
Row 2: Grandmother's Cross, #166, Queen Charlotte's Crown, Fool's Square
Row 3: #98, July 4th, Windmill, Rolling Stone
Jessica 2 Row 4: Formal Garden, Crazy Anne, Lover's Knot, Fair and Square
Row 5: A Dandy, Chinese Puzzle, King's Crown, Belt Buckle
Most of these designs I took from "The It's Okay If You Sit On My Quilt Book."
Jessica 3 I made a leaf border winding around the edges.

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