FAWCO blocks

Every year the Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas (FAWCO) makes a quilt that is auctioned off for charity. The local Women's Clubs provide the blocks. Here are the blocks my club has sent in.

Click here to see each year's entire quilt. See if you can find our blocks!

Water Mill2012
The 2012 FAWCO meeting was held in Dublin and the theme was water, which is the Target theme for the FAWCO charity.
Lorry's first blockLorry's second blockKaren's blockMaria's block2011
The 2011 FAWCO meeting was held in Marrakesh, Morocco, so the theme was the Friendship Star using jewel colors to remind us of the colorful mosaics to be found there.

Sewing nightLorry and her blocksKaren and her block

A piece of cake and cup of teaTea bags

The 2010 FAWCO meeting was held in Boston so the theme was the Boston Tea Party.
Tea BiscuitTeapot
Kara's windmillLorry's fire

In 2009 the FAWCO conference was held in Vilnius and the theme was "Save the Planet." Our instructions were to make something about saving the planet, using the colors of the Lithuanian flag: red, yellow and green.
Land of Morning Calm

In 2008 the theme was "Land of Morning Calm," in honor of the FAWCO regional meeting held in Korea. This time we were to send in a separate "siggie" block. Mine has the AWC logo above my own logo.
Bow Tie

In 2007 we were to make "something to make me laugh" and use the color red. I made a Bow Tie block which makes me think of a clown.
Friendship StarCrafty Ladies

"A Friend is a Gift You Give Yourself" was the theme for 2006. This time there were other members of the club who also contributed blocks.
FAWCO garden

"How does your FAWCO garden grow?" was this year's theme. I pieced a flower.
Sunbonnet Sue

The theme for this year was Sunbonnet Sue. I made our Sue stealing a Swedish flag in order to wrap it strategically over the statue of Poseidon in downtown Gothenburg.

This quilt was themed "Let the Sun Shine In." We just needed to include the color yellow. I made a Log Cabin block that reminds me of a bright sunrise.
America the Beautiful

This year the theme was "America the Beautiful" and I made an appliqué of my own design. My inspiration was the text to the song: the purple mountains' majesty and the amber waves of grain.
Martha Washington Star

This year the theme was "Piece and Partnership" and I made the Martha Washington Star. (This picture is a reconstruction. The fabrics are authentic, but the placing might be wrong.)

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