Celeste's Green Sampler

Celeste Green

My friend Lennart gave me this quilt to finish after his wife Celeste died. She had done everything by hand! Nearly half the blocks had also been quilted. I finished quilting all the blocks and the sashing, and added the binding that she had already cut out.

I don't know the names of all these blocks. If you can help, please write to me.

First row: Star and Cross, Dutchman's Puzzle, Card Trick
Second row: Honey Bee, Variable Star, Grandmother's Flower Patch
Third row: variation of Leavenworth Nine Patch, Flying Dutchman, Grandmother's Fan
Fourth row: Shoo-Fly, Dresden Plate, Jack-in-the-box
Fifth row: Variable Star, ?, some variation of the Drunkard's Path
Sixth row: Monkey Wrench, Shoo-Fly, Monkey Wrench

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