Birthday Sampler

This quilt is a group effort. I took a piece of my favorite fabric and cut it into 12 pieces. Then I sent 11 of them to some friends who made blocks for me out of their own stashes and I did the same for them using the fabric they sent me. Each month for a year someone had a birthday and it was time to make her block and send it away to her. When someone got all her blocks she had to make a quilt out of them with whichever setting she wanted.

Birthday QuiltDH Håkan is holding my quilt, which I finished in September 2000. My fabric had red strawberries and white flowers on a green background. The contributing quilters and the names of their blocks are, left to right:

Top row: Sue Schmidt, Ohio, Water Wheel
Kelly Jurek, Wisconsin, Indian Star
Kelly Jurek, Wisconsin, Ladies Aid Album
Sherry Moore, Texas, Triple Star

Middle row: Brenda Hennig, Kentucky, Susannah
Nan Derrick, Maryland, variation of Lost Ships
Judie Scholes, Washington state, May Basket
Karen Semore, Colorado, A Star Within a Star

Bottom row: Brenda Ptak, Ohio, Viola's Flying X
Mary Anne Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Air Castle
Kerri MacKay, Port Stephens, Australia, Bats Wings
Linda Darrah, Washington state, Aunt Sukey's Choice

A big THANK YOU to each of you for your beautiful blocks!

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