4 Patch Star

Amelia's 4-Patch Star Elsa's 4-Patch Star
My online quilting guild, the QuiltSwappers sponsored a "Block Party" swap where everyone who wanted to participate was given directions for what pieces to cut out from which color. These pieces were then packaged and sent in to one person without sewing and you got back just as many packages as you sent in. When I had gotten my packages back and started to sew the blocks together, my daughter Amelia decided she wanted a quilt made from them. So I divided my blocks into two groups and made two quilts out of them. Here are the different settings for each of them.

The first quilt was made for Amelia and presented to her at Christmas 1999.

The second was set with triangles made from the "Blue-Green Swap," also in QuiltSwappers, and presented to my mother-in-law on her 89th birthday, March 8, 2000. This quilt was returned to me after her death in November 2002.

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